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What Really Is It Really About: The Annual Grace Conference

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Upcoming is our anticipated GRACE CONFERENCE
the 8th edition of it’s kind themed: My New Dawn with Serving Senior Pastors: Apostle John & Prophetess Josephine Enumah!

You might be wondering “What Is The Hype All About?”
For Your Information, our Annual Grace Conference is a celebration in reverence of God for the fulfilment of God’s call upon the life of our Serving Senior Pastor: Apostle John Enumah, along with our First Lady: Prophetess Josephine Enumah.

From TOMORROW: Friday 27th January 2023, 6PM, EXPECT a praise with the most uplifting energy, worship filled with undiluted LOVE for Jehovah and a WORD charged to catapult you into Your NEW DAWN which is the theme for THIS year’s conference. For each day of this AWESOME gathering: Saturday & Sunday: 3PM, expect MORE & MORE even with our guest pastors: Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury and Pastor Brendan Sampson.

Above all, don’t just come and witness, but come with YOUR OWN expectations: the PROPHETIC, healing and deliverance Spirit is in full operation here at The Haven. Be sure to invite a friend too, to The Haven: Vincent Street, Canning Town, London, E16 1LZ!

Don’t say you were not told, make it down!
And for more information, visit: WWW.JOHNENUMAH.COM
OR contact our adminline for further enquires: +44 7758 230111






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