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Welcome to JEM Publications! We are proud to showcase some of our published books on this page. Our collection includes a wide range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction, catering to readers of all ages. Browse through our selection and find your next favorite read!


We are going through a stage in mankind where there is such a lot of vulnerability concerning finances as many individuals are in disorder, disarray and living in dread. Many are stressed over where the next check will come from, some have been supported by God to keep their positions and others have been supported by God giving full affirmation to the achievement of their business. There are few groups who are sadly still going through a pre-pandemic and post-pandemicc monetary emergency, confiding in the Lord for financial advancement which is otherwise called miracle money.

23 THE GREAT LIGHT YEAR BOOK by Apostle John Enumah

This special booklet is unlike any other. A powerful collective of 23 prayer bullets as inspired from the Holy Ghost, released from the mouth of Apostle John Enumah.

This particular edification booklet was designed within the era of The Great Light Year to restore the Light of God in all aspects of your life, uplift God’s people and to make way for personal encounters and revelations within your personal time with Jehovah.

100 PRAY BOOKLETS by Apostle John Enumah

This booklet is designed for those that aspire to ignite fire within their prayer life; pick up this booklet with purpose and intention, not for entertainment purposes. Share this book to change someone’s life for good and better yet, use these prayers with absolute fervency and biblical principles, you will surely see the changes! As you read you are blessed, edified and reformed in the name of Jesus!

GLORY BOOK by Apostle John Enumah

A life changing book for those truly prepared to begin a journey to greatness, ‘from glory to glory just as by the Spirit of the Lord.’ 2 Corinthians 2:13.The significance is to open your eyes and get you to gain insight on the importance of continually engaging the several layers of the spirit of God and exploring the various avenues of maintaining an increasing and developing personal relationship with The Lord. 

ENGAGED BY THE WORD by Apostle John Enumah

Engaging the right attitude, referring to the way that you think towards anything in life will naturally elevate you in life. What about engaging the right attitude in the Word of God, having the correct mentality can hoist an individual enormously: Spiritually, financially,maritally, academically and even mentally. Numerous individuals are not in need of liberation or prophecy, but rather a change in their mentality to kick start the improvement that they desire in their lives.

22 CHAMPIONS PRAYER BOOK by Apostle John Enumah

This prayer edification booklet is designed for those that understand the prophecies released for this year of 2022 and also designed for those that understand the importance of this year within the kingdom. Do you understand your involvement within the kingdom against the forces of darkness? This prayer edification booklet when applied with the correct wisdom from above, knowledge of the Word and heart of understanding will surely manifest God’s hand in your life. 



Apostle John Enumah


Prophetess Josephine Enumah

Our Team.

JEM Publishing Team is a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about producing high-quality books. With years of experience in the publishing industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to bring your ideas life. From editing and design to printing and distribution, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Trust us to be your partner in the journey of publishing your book.

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