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12 Commandments for Miracle Money

 In any case, the best question to pose is, do we truly know what miracle money truly is? What changes can you make today to lead you to the season of rain and harvest?

12 MIRACLE MONEY by Apostle John Enumah

Do you understand your involvement within the kingdom against the forces of darkness? This prayer edification booklet when applied with the correct wisdom from above, knowledge of the Word and heart of understanding will surely manifest God’s hand in your life. You will be recognised as a champion in this year of 2022 in Jesus’ name!

22 CHAMPIONS PRAYER BOOK by Apostle John Enumah

100 Prayers Edification Booklet for 2021: 100 Prayer Bullets

This booklet is designed for those that aspire to ignite fire within their prayer life; pick up this booklet with purpose and intention, not for entertainment purposes. Share this book to change someone’s life for good and better yet, use these prayers with absolute fervency and biblical principles, you will surely see the changes! As you read you are blessed, edified and reformed in the name of Jesus!

100 PRAYER BULLETS by Apostle John Enumah


Apostle to leaders: Repent in 90 days

Apostle to leaders: Repent in 90 days

A Nigerian-born preacher is warning that God has served notice on the political directorate of Barbados that unless there is repentance within 90 days, He will intervene.

“Saturday night of Prophecy has transformed my life and I now have direction and can live completely for God."

Mary Young, CA

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