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Unveiling the Glory: A Deep Dive into "The Glory Book"

Updated: Mar 22

The GLORY BOOK is one of the 6 books written by Apostle John Enumah published on May 18th 2021.

This book has deep revelation insights of carrying the GLORY of GOD within and around us, with 6 chapters and 24 pages it breaks down how important this is for our spiritual life and our walk with GOD:

Chapter One - How to Encounter and Carry the GLORY of GOD

Chapter Two - How to walk in the Glory of GOD

Chapter Three - How to Access the GLORY of GOD

Chapter Four - How to Destroy Altars that Limits Glory

Chapter Five -How to Activate the Glory of GOD

Chapter Six - How you are an Expression of GOD'S Glory

In brief summary the GLORY book will feed your spirit man with the insights needed to explore the various avenues of maintaining an increasing and developing personal relationship with the Lord.

Why not head over to AMAZON to get your hard copy and your soft copy now:

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