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Tuesday Prophetic Counselling

Every Tuesday, from 12pm to 5pm, immerse yourself in a sacred space of profound wisdom, insight, and revelation. Whether you seek clarity in your personal journey, guidance in critical life decisions, or spiritual alignment with your purpose, Apostle John Enumah invites you to experience the transformative power of prophetic counseling.

Experience the Power of Prophetic Insight:

Step into a sacred space where the veil between the seen and unseen is lifted, and receive prophetic insights tailored to your unique journey. Through Apostle John Enumah's profound spiritual gifts and unwavering connection to the divine, gain clarity on pressing matters, uncover hidden truths, and unlock the mysteries of your destiny.

Engage in Meaningful Conversation:

Open your heart and soul to a compassionate listener who the Spirit of the Lord has equipped with understanding your deepest desires, fears, and aspirations. Whether you seek guidance in relationships, career decisions, spiritual growth, or personal development, Apostle Enumah offers a safe and nurturing environment for you to express yourself freely and receive the support and encouragement you need.


Tap into Divine Wisdom and Direction:

Discover the roadmap to your destiny as Apostle Enumah channels divine wisdom and prophetic revelation into your life - influenced by the Holy Ghost. Receive practical strategies, actionable steps, and prophetic declarations that will empower you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and walk boldly into your divine purpose.

Why Choose Prophetic Counseling

with Apostle Enumah?

  • Proven Results: Experience life-changing breakthroughs and transformations as countless individuals have found clarity, healing, and direction through Apostle Enumah's prophetic counseling.

  • Authenticity: Rest assured that every session is conducted with the utmost integrity, authenticity, and reverence for the sacred.

  • Empowerment: Leave each session feeling empowered, inspired, and equipped to navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace.

Friday Prophetic Night
Friday Prophetic Night
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26 jul 2024, 19:00

Don't Miss Your Opportunity: Take the next step in your spiritual journey and join Apostle John Enumah for Prophetic Counseling every Tuesday from 12pm to 5pm. Whether you're seeking guidance, healing, or divine intervention, this is your invitation to experience the profound power of prophetic insight and transformational counseling.

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