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12 COMMANDMENT FOR MIRACLE MONEY is a book written by Apostle John Enumah through revelation relased by the Spirit of the Lord. It is a book that outlines the principles to apply to activate Miracle Money in your life. Diving into this book will bring you to an understanding that GOD is not a MAGICIAN! Miracle money comes in a season that your God ordained gifts and talents are being applied - when you have exhausted all options, GOD will then intervene. This book was constructed in a time where the world experienced turmoil men felt vulnerable when it pertained to their finances.

EIGHT chapters that consist of revelations and wisdom. 12 COMMANDMENTS FOR MIRACLE MONEY tells us:

Chapter 1 - Understanding Money

Chapter 2 -The Pursuit of Money

Chapter 3 - Eat Where you have Planted

Chapter 4 - 12 Commandments for Miracle Money

Chapter 5 - Is the Lockdown the End

Chapter 6 - Society Reborn

Chapter 7 - All Good Things Are Sent From Above

Chapter 8 - How to Get Rich Today

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