Life Coaching

This is a platform for Spiritual Life coaching session. This is for those requesting an in-depth prophetic guidance in the form of counselling. Please understand this takes time, so in appreciation of the prophet's time we ask  for a generous donation of £150 to this Ministry. To  schedule a life coaching experience with Prophet John Enumah, please complete  the form.


This will be an online session for two hours and cost only £150, these sessions can be fully flexible with your schedule. Prophet John Enumah will hold these via Skype (audio) or via telephone whichever is convenient for you, and all our clients usually like one session every other week. This is not necessary, it’s completely up to you how often you would like them and how many you feel you need. There are no commitments and you can reschedule an appointment once you need to. 

Alternatively, you can book the 12 months course which is a 2hours session with Prophet John once a month for continuous guidance. Teaching and support. All you will be required to do is fill the form online. Pay your fee for the 12 months and we set up a 12 months appointment for you.

How the session would work:- 

- Prophet will pray with you

- Listen to what your expectations are and what you are faced with. Breaking through your barriers and limiting beliefs, addressing and solving these.
- Providing you with resources, practices and tools to build you up and help you in your journey
- Set Goals and accountability as well as affirmations. This will be a daily practice to guide you to the success point. 

To book now, please contact us via email or contact us on +447758230111.


Please be aware that after registering, we will send you an email confirming your booking with an estimate appointment time based on Prophet John's schedule. Please be patient as we deal with your requests.

You can in the meantime browse through our website.


If you have limited budget and just requiring prayers please feel free to visit us at our next service or send us a prayer request using our tell us  form on the home page, 

Kind Regards

JEMinistries Admin

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